Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury – $13

In the woods, you’ll need to channel your inner primitive. He knew how to trap, tie, cook, store and cover. Bushcraft 101 will reconnect you with your thick-browed forefather and show you the way of woods survival.

DARMON Flint and Steel Fire Starter – $14

After the great fires, small lighters will be currency, like cigarettes in prison. Keep yourself in heat with the 12,000-strike DARMON Fire Starter. Simple to operate and includes whistle and bottle opener for a post-apocalypse warm beer.

Michigan Trauma Bag – $80

When the Yellowstone caldera explodes and you run to the trees, make sure you bring Michigan’s Trauma Bag. Treatment for up to 7 people for burns, wounds, sprains and more. Grab and go portability with hospital quality triage.