Women’s Pee Funnel

When you’re on the run from CHUDs, it’s not always practical/sanitary to pop a squat. Luckily, science has gifted you the ability to pee standing up. The Faza hydrophobic pee-funnel is reusable, sanitary, and biodegradable. Alternative use: destroy the sexist stranglehold on writing your name in the snow!

Dizaul 5000mAh Solar Battery Bank

Even after the Norks touch off an EMP and fry the grid, you can stay NEET! Just dig your Dizaul solar battery bank and tablet out of the homemade faraday cage you built in your basement and cue up some downloaded episodes of Chuck to get you through the largest infrastructure rebuilding project in history!

FREE Preparedness and Survival Guide for Beginners

PSGB is free for a limited time. The book covers all the basics of preparing for and surviving a disaster scenario for up to 14 days. Incredible asset to put on your e-reader (free verion is Kindle formatted) and pull out when trouble is brewing…

Selk’bag 5G Sleeping Bag

Who says you can’t ride out the end-times in high fashion? The Selk wearable sleeping bag will keep you toasty warm and looking cool as hell. Rated to 37°F, now featuring a Kangaroo pocket and removable booties. Available in bright colors and woodland camo, weighing in under 5 lbs!

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Venison, check. Yeti cooler, check. Lake Michigan ice hunks, check. Now you just need to prepare that meat to store for years. Take your food storage to the next level with a Vacuum Sealer that will double the shelf life of your meats, cheese, dry goods, and produce.

Bushnell Backtrack Point 3 GPS

Assuming the GPS satellites are still overhead, accurate location and heading will be one of the few creature comforts to survive The Happening. The Bushnell Backtrack can store 3 locations, clip to your bag, and runs on easy-to-source AA batteries. Don’t get lost without it!

Recon Medical Israeli Trauma Bandage

Don’t let that hemorrhaging flesh wound slow you down! Stem the bleeding and continue on with Recon Medical Israeli Compression Bandage. Non-stick, universal size, lifetime warranty. The included aluminum bar allows for double use as a tourniquet in times of extreme need.

Survivor Filter PRO

After the fiat dollar collapses, tell the bottled water mafia to suck rocks with the Survivor Filter. Fill your tub and filter water for the whole family quickly and safely. Removes 99.9% of organic compounds, 99.5% of mercury, and 93% of lead. Kit includes pump, replaceable filters, cup and carrying case.

Midland 30-Mile GMRS Radio Pair

Keep in cahoots with the Midland 30-Mile range radio set. Lithium rechargeable batteries, NOAA alerts and 36 channels, so you can maintain the communication your couples therapist yammers about while keeping your distance.

Wise Food 5 Day Bug-Out Bag – $61

Cook like a chef and eat like a king with the Wise Food 5 Day Bag. After you’ve fueled up on Apple Cinnamon breakfast and Creamy Pasta dinner, don the included PPE equipment and roam the wasteland!